24 nov
Tabula Rasa is a game about learning and ignorance. About dealing with the unknown,and learn about themselves and the world around them. Focused on the development ofcharacters, players will face a challenge of interpretation and insight into the mind of their characters.

The scenario is the future, an apocalypse happened and the characters wake up in this world destroyed, without knowledge of what is, or what happened to the world, in fact, they don’t even know any details about themselves or the world. It is this ignorance that players will deal with, guiding his characters in a continuous search for knowledge.

The system will be unique (with some inspiration from some things around) and based only on markers (no dice), focused on knowledge of the characters, is actually a learning system, where players must decide whether their characters are more likely to act impulsively or analyze and think on the experiences around you?

This is an overview of the game only, I will make posts containing more specific details about every aspect of the game.


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