25 nov
At first, the goal is to have a simple scenario, totally open to customization, thenguidelines will be given, but there is much room for change.The human race was devastated (perhaps with some groups of survivors), the world isdifferent (depending on some variables that the master choose) but the characters do not know anything about that. They wake up in a fortified site in giant glass tubes, surrounded by wires and equipment They do not know this, but they are the result of a survey which aimed at creating perfect soldiers, super strong, super fast on the threshold of human development, but something went wrong and they are now awaken, alone, without knowing what they are, or even where they are .But they are not completely in the dark, confused memories appear in their minds. Duringits creation, a process was used to implant memories, in order that they are alreadytrained and able , but the process was not completed and, besides not having received allmemories, access to them is lost.

After the initial confusion, the soldiers organize themselves into groups and decide to explore the world around them, and that’s where our game begins, this quest for knowledge, the unknown, to understand what actually happened to the world by learning ,to reach their true potential.


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